Residential Air Conditioner Preventative Maintenance Check

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Preventative maintenance goes a long way in preventing getting caught in hot weather with non functioning AC system. It also assure that your unit is running at maximum capacity and efficiency.

Here is a checklist on tasks we perform on a P.M. Check

  1. Inspect Outdoor Unit (a.k.a. Condenser or Condensing Unit). Clean if necessary. Check for level.
  2. Check furnace (or Air Handler) for proper air flow. Change filter if needed. (cost of filter not included)
  3. Check Indoor Coil (a.k.a. Evaporator Coil), condensate drain and condensate pump (if applicable) for blockages and proper function.
  4. Check Thermostat for proper operation.
  5. Check outdoor unit electrical wiring and controls.
  6. Run unit and check amp draws of furnace (or air handler), condenser fan motor and compressor.
  7. Check for proper refrigerant level with gauges and thermometers.
  8. Check temperature of conditioned air in home.
  9. Inspect general condition of outdoor unit, refrigerant piping etc.
  10. Less common checks such as blower belts and blower bearings, lubricating motors and bearings.

Give us a call for more details!